If you have a question about the garden please email it to mvillegarden@gmail.com.

Where is the garden?

The Lucille Harris Community Garden is located at the corner of Harrisburg Rd. SW and Laverne Circle SW in the Harrisburg Community south of Milledgeville.

Directions from Georgia College:

  1. Turn from West Hancock Street to South Wayne.
  2. S. Wayne becomes GA-243 / US-441 S.
  3. Slight right onto Allen Memorial Dr.
  4. Travel on Allen Memorial until you come to Harrisburg Rd. and turn LEFT.
  5. Travel on Harrisburg Rd until you come to Laverne Circle.  The Collins P. Lee Center, the Lucille Harris Community Garden and the Solomon Harris Walking Trail are all located just to the left of this intersection.

Is the garden ready to plant?

Yes!   Contact us at mvillegarden@gmail.com to receive an application for membership.  Raised-bed plots come in two sizes : 8×12 plots ($10 annual fee) or 12×12 plots ($20 annual fee.)  UPDATE:  All plots have been assigned for 2014.  But please contact us to add your name to our waiting list for future plot.  Plots may become available during the season if a current member relinquishes a plot.  More plots will become available as the garden expands.

When is the garden open?

Garden members may tend their plots anytime during daylight hours.  Workdays are frequently held on Saturday mornings and all volunteers are welcome.  Keep current with garden activities by liking us on facebook.

How much does it cost?

Membership to the garden is $20 (or $10 for smaller plots).  Members are entitled to plots but if you aren’t interested in tending a plot but want to support the garden with a donation of $20, please consider becoming a member.

How can I volunteer?

We welcome any type of volunteer efforts. We need people to help prepare the plots, locate materials for the garden, and much more. We will keep a list of volunteer needs on the NEEDS page.

Can anyone help me if I plant a garden here?

If you are new to gardening and need help planning a garden, fellow gardeners or the garden committee will be happy to help. In addition, the County extension agent and Master Gardeners are available as resources.

Who’s land is it?

The land and Collins P. Lee Center are owned by the Baldwin County Parks & Recreation Department.

What will happen to the vegetables I grow in the garden?

Primarily vegetables in the garden will be picked and eaten by the plot holder. We also hope community gardeners will agree to donate 10% of their harvest to needy families or local foodbanks. If you have an excess to sell, we ask that you give the proceeds back to the garden association to defray costs.

How will the garden prevent theft and vandalism?

While some of this activity is probably inevitable, most community gardens report that this problem is minimal or nonexistent. Having the community buy into the community garden concept is crucial in this effort. Once the community feels ownership of the garden, more positive activities become associated with the garden and the people who use it, making such negative activity unacceptable. Lots of people in and out of the garden, as well as attention to security measures, also contribute to lessening this problem.

Are pets allowed in the garden?

Unfortunately, pets can be very destructive to plants in the garden. In order to keep everyone’s plot free of damage, pets are not allowed in the garden area.

Can I smoke in the garden?

No.  Tobacco from cigarettes can carry the tobacco mosaic virus.  This virus is very damaging to tomatoes.  We ask that you don’t smoke in the garden in order to keep the tomato plants healthy!

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  1. alan wilkinson

    Please send me a contact telephone number,my number is 478-251-0556 thank you.

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